Deposit List

Spring 2018 Deposit List:

1. Steve K. MN Sealed Pup

2. Joleen D. NE Sealed Pup

3. Nicole S. - KS Sealed Pup

4. Sharon A. - Colorado

5. Heidi K. - NE Sealed Pup

6. Nathan M. - NE





 We are anticipating spring and summer (2018) litters! Start planning ahead now to reserve your spot for your newest addition to your house. It is never too early to place your deposit, as your name will move up the list as others select and move off! Once pups are born, we start selections at around 4 weeks of age, after we have placed the pictures of the pups on our site. You may place your deposit through Paypal on our site using your credit card or your Paypal to be added to this list! You do not have to have Paypal to do so, just simply use your card. Once the pups arrive, you will be the first to know, and your place will be held for when the selection process starts! Anyone that has placed a deposit and name is on this list, will be able to select a puppy before they can be purchased by those who have not placed a deposit yet.







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